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We aim to revolutionize the way people access cash advances online by providing a digital platform for cash loans at lightning fast speed. We want to get you cash if you are at home on a computer or on the move on your mobile.

Fast and easy

Buy the limited edition sneakers or book the trip of a lifetime. We understand that sometimes the opportunity is not available by the time you have saved enough money to live your lifestyle. Our fast and easy platform will connect you with a lender.

The loan application process is super speedy, giving you access to personal cash loans from $1,000 to $15,000. Depending on who you bank with, you could gain access to your credit in the blink of an eye. Note that applications submitted outside business hours may have a longer approval wait time.

Making timely loan repayments can also enable you to build a good credit history, which then lets you borrow more money the next time you need access to cash. This will also help show the banks that you are a responsible individual and can help when applying for a bigger loan like a home loan.

Loan repayments

We are committed to responsible lending practices – meaning that the lenders will only provide you with credit to an amount that you should be able to repay based on your historical financial activities.

Our goal is to make your experience as easy as possible. We work with lenders who will request minimal to no paperwork in order to assess if you are eligible for a cash advance.

We are your solution

Don’t go through the traditional hassle ever again. By using us, you will be able to get a cash advance much faster when compared to traditional lenders like a bank. Rest assured, all your confidential information and credit records are kept fully secure.

With MoneyMe, our quick and stress-free application process allows you to get access to the cash you need fast.

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